Selling Content Marketing Through Storytelling

by Content Marketing Institute
content marketing

In a post for the Content Marketing Institute, Ann Meany highlights four critical steps to seducing your customer with storytelling.

“Keep it conversational, and from the heart,” she writes.

Meany says to focus on meeting your readers’ needs, solving a problem for them, providing information, or maybe just entertaining them for a few minutes, all while using conversational language and avoiding impersonal corporate speak.

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Choose vivid, lively words that paint a picture of your value

“Readers should be able to taste the sweetly bitter, dark chocolate you are writing about and feel the sharp pricks of the freezing rain you mention to set the mood,” she writes.

Use an active voice to build excitement and impact

Active voice, she says, energizes your writing and eliminates ambiguity and wordiness. It’s also easier to read, and will engage your readers longer.

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Create potential for action

It’s important, Meany says, to have readers think about what you’ve written and engage with your site by leaving a comment or question, find out more about your company or just talk to others about what they’ve read.

For more on storytelling through content marketing, read Meany’s full post here.