What is OpenView Labs?

OpenView Labs is a team of highly skilled industry professionals dedicated to building great companies.

As the operational consulting arm of OpenView Venture Partners, the Labs brings industry standards, functional expertise, and best practices to OpenView’s portfolio of expansion-stage companies. Since being founded in 2007, the Labs has completed hundreds of significant projects for our portfolio companies spanning three main areas:


We recruiting a range of positions for our portfolio companies, including senior executives, software developers, and sales representatives. Meet the team.

Guides from the Talent Team

Get More Talent

A comprehensive guide to building the kind of in-house recruiting team that your growing company needs to lower recruitment costs, drive higher ROI, and create a better, more visible, and highly credible company culture. Download here.

The Savvy Interviewer’s Guide to Conducting Successful Interviews

Want to know the secret to hiring fast and hiring right? It all comes down to knowing how to interview effectively. In this free guide you’ll get exclusive access to tips from industry experts and learn everything you need to know to start interviewing like a pro. Download here.

Decision Support

We provide research and analytics expertise, including target segmentation, market segmentation, market channel discovery, and buyer persona research. Meet the team.

Guides from the Decision Support Team

Finding Your Best Customer: A Guide to B2B Customer Segmentation

This guide outlines a research process that expansion-stage technology companies can use to focus their sales and marketing efforts on the customers and prospects that matter most. Download here.

Buyer Insights Research: Eliminate the Guesswork!

Your buyers are living, breathing people with individual pain points, interests, and goals. This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to developing your understanding so you can better target, engage, service, and retain them. Download here.

Go-to-Market and Growth

We offer sales and marketing support, including outbound lead generation, content marketing, and direct marketing. Meet the team.

Guides from the Go-to-Market and Growth Team

Get More Customers: How to Build an Outbound Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales

Looking to build out your sales funnel with highly qualified prospects? Then this guide is for you. Learn all the basics behind successful lead generation and the steps you need to take to establish and develop a team of your own. Download here.

The Only Content Marketing Guide You Need

Written for novice and advanced content marketers alike, this is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to building the content marketing program your business needs to generate and nurture leads, enable sales, and establish your company as a trusted partner and thought leader. Download here.

The OpenView Network: Senior Advisors

We also have a group of industry-leading senior advisors. These thought leaders extend the scope of our expertise to include such areas as product management, customer service, and professional services, among others.

About this Website

OpenView has been gathering the best ideas for building technology companies for years and has significant experience in virtually every area of operations. This site is our primary portal for sharing those ideas with our portfolio companies and the entrepreneurial community.

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