Find the Right Cloud Computing Options For Your Business

by Xconomy

cloud computing optionsLearn your basic cloud computing options and find the best fit for your business.

Greg Arnette, co-founder and CTO at Sonian, Inc. (an OpenView portfolio company), presents three basic cloud computing options in an Xconomy post, along with a quick rundown of what each has to offer. Arnette writes that since “the cloud market is accelerating quickly” and “fragmenting,” there is now a “segmentation into different ‘cloud mindsets.'”

Some IT professionals prefer the public cloud, others the private cloud, and a third group prefer a hybrid of the two. The public cloud “is a computing model that is designed to provide the lowest priced service in which the customer pays by the hour for its usage,” and is typically favored by small and medium businesses. Arnette writes that the private cloud is “often referred to as ‘the upgrade’ from the public cloud,” but it requires your business to make a significant investment in hardware, so it’s typically limited enterprise-level companies. The hybrid model stands in between the public and private models, and Arnette says that there are “at least a few” cloud computing options for all businesses.