Choosing the Best Sales Compensation Plan for Your Business

Sales strategy consultant Michael Hanna breaks down the keys to designing an effective sales compensation plan that keeps your team motivated and focused on the right results.

Choose the Best Sales Compensation Plan | OpenView Labs

Want to get a sales rep’s complete, undivided attention? Bring up their compensation plan. Few things have such a direct, immediate impact both on reps, personally, and on your business as a whole. It’s crucial that you get your comp plan right — not only to ensure your reps are motivated, but to ensure they’re motivated around the right activities that are truly going to move the right needle for your business. Get it wrong and your business could wind up paying the ultimate price.


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The Perfect Playbook for Cold Calling the C-Suite

Having trouble breaking through to a prospect? Sometimes the best move is going straight to the top.

Playbook for Cold Calling Executives | OpenView Labs

Sure, it can seem intimidating to call up executives, and they may not be your first target. But sales executive, author, and serial entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman argues calling the C-suite is a sales strategy that can actually produce remarkable results. Here’s why and how to do it.


The Surprisingly Simple Formula for Building Habit-Forming Products

Want to hook your users? Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, shares a simple framework for building a product users love and can’t put down.

Blueprint for Building Habit-Forming Products | OpenView Labs

Editor’s note: In the Boston area? Come meet Nir in person. He’s hosting a workshop on building habit-forming products on Wednesday, October 22nd. Use the discount code “OpenView” for 30% off the event.

If the ghosts of failed startups could talk here’s one thing many would tell you: It’s not just about getting users to sign up, it’s about getting them to keep coming back.

The best companies — whether B2C or B2B — have triggers that encourage repeat, habit-forming usage built directly into their products. How you can do the same is the topic entrepreneur and author Nir Eyal tackles in his new book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products.


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Considering Going International? 10 Tips for Success

Your plans for global domination will be much more likely to work if you take into account these 10 tips to help you look before you leap.

10 International Expansion Strategy Best Practices | OpenView Labs

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken with business development experts at some of the fastest growing and most established B2B software companies in the world to learn about best practices for entering new international markets. From these conversations, I have put together a list of 10 best practices for startup or expansion-stage companies to consider as they start thinking about building an international expansion strategy.


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Bursting the Social Selling Bubble

There’s plenty of hype around social selling these days and, frankly, Mike Weinberg is sick of hearing it. Learn why he’s dead set on dispelling social selling myths that aren’t just misleading, but flat-out dangerous.

Bursting the Social Selling Bubble | OpenView Labs

You hear them everywhere these days — loud, shrill voices proclaiming that everything has changed, that social selling has replaced traditional prospecting and selling. In this week’s episode of Labcast, Mike Weinberg, founder of The New Sales Coach and one of OpenView’s Top 25 B2B Sales Influencers for 2014, explains why he believes that kind of thinking is dangerous, and why we should look to social as a supplemental tool rather than a replacement. Fair warning: This may get loud.


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Death of the Average Sales Rep

Are sales professionals doomed to become irrelevant? Sales trainer John Barrows highlights three disturbing trends and shares what sets apart the select few reps who will survive and thrive.

Death of the Average Sales Rep | OpenView Labs

3 Disturbing Trends Threatening Sales As We Known It

I’m noticing three very disturbing trends in sales and marketing that I think seriously threaten the relevance and livelihood of the average sales professional.


The Art of Networking to Hire: 5 Tips for Recruiting at MeetUps and Networking Events

When you’re a founder or startup executive every networking opportunity is a recruiting opportunity. Here’s how to make the most of them.

 Recruiting at Meetups & Networking Events | OpenView Labs

When it comes to building your team, the obvious first choice is to tap into your own network. But what happens when your network dries out and you don’t have any in-house recruiting/HR resources or a budget to utilize outside agencies? The truth is, building out a robust and reliable talent pipeline takes time, and while building out your team may be a top priority, if you’re a startup founder or executive, time is likely one of the things you just don’t have.

One suggestion: Start attending networking events as often as possible. Not only will they give you access to talent, they’re also great branding opportunities to get your name out in the community. Here are five steps you can take to ensure you make the most of the opportunities.


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The 3 Worst Hiring Mistakes Startups Make

You may say finding the right people are your top priority, but if you’re making these startup hiring mistakes then you’re putting your company behind the eight ball.

Worst Startup Hiring Mistakes to Make | OpenView Labs

Hiring the best candidates can be a big challenge for any company, but especially if you’re a startup. Not only do you have less time and fewer resources to devote to the search, but it’s also far more difficult to recover if and when you make a costly “bad hire.” That means it’s even more important for you to be able to hit the ground running with your hiring process, and to avoid the common hurdles that most startups experience.