Sales Hiring Tips and Trends from OpenView Sr. Talent Specialist, Carlie Smith

Last year, OpenView’s talent team hired over 100 people for our portfolio, and over 30% of those hires were sales roles. The woman behind the majority of that success – Senior Talent Specialist, Carlie Smith.  Given the high demand from the porfolio, Carlie now nearly 100% focused on sales hiring for our investments. Most companies at the expansion stage are focused on finding the absolute best sales talent to scale their organizations – and struggling to do so- so thought I’d pick her brain on the topic so that sales hiring can become a bit less-frictionless within your organization, and you can…

Want to Create a Successful Business? Stop Trying to Be a Swiss Army Knife

When I first started managing lead generation initiatives for the B2B technology companies in OpenView’s portfolio years ago, my expectation (or hope) was that every program we implemented would turn out to be a wild success. But, like many things, it didn’t always work out that way. Some excelled in creating a healthy pipeline of highly qualified leads for the business, others struggled to ever truly develop into a revenue driving machine. While there were many reasons for those successes or struggles, I began to notice one common trend shared by the most prosperous sales and marketing teams: They were laser…

That Fantastic Value Proposition You Created in 2013? It’s Probably Outdated

Every 3,000 miles or so, you pull your car into an auto repair shop, fork over $20, and watch as someone swaps out your car’s old oil with new stuff. And you do this for a very obvious reason: If you didn’t change your oil, your car wouldn’t run as efficiently and, over time, it would very likely bite the dust because of the neglect. In business, your sales and marketing engine functions the same way. The oil in this analogy, however, is your company’s set of value propositions. Let’s be real — the B2B technology market is in constant…

Scrum for Executives: Demystifying the Impact of Scrum

Looking for a short and sweet explanation of Scrum? The fact is, you can really boil it down to three key ways it can help you and your company deliver transformative results.

Scrum for Executives: 3 Benefits of Scrum | OpenView Labs

When it comes to decoding what exactly Scrum means for your team, Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown says there are three main value propositions that should frame the way every executive thinks about it.


Annual Reviews: Are You Really Getting the Full Picture?

Don’t look now. Q4 is just around the corner. And for managers, that means it’s time to start thinking about performance reviews.

coffee meeting

Performance reviews. We’ve all been through them, and chances are, they’ve actually been unhelpful more often than not. The truth is they can vary significantly not only from company to company, but from manager to manager, and the odds of you actually having a productive performance review meeting are limited to how much the person sitting across from you consider them a priority.

Instead of placing the task of offering constructive feedback and coaching solely on the manager’s shoulders, another approach some companies are taking is getting more parties involved. The idea is that employees are far more likely to receive a balanced, well-rounded, and helpful review if it includes feedback from others within and outside of the organization they regularly interact with, in addition to the person they directly report to.


Content Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Resources Guide

Your one-stop collection of actionable tips, tools, and resources to take your content marketing to the next level.

 Ulimate Content Marketing Resources Guide | OpenView Labs

Editor’s note: This is a living document, and our goal is to update it regularly with the best content marketing resources available. Have a suggested link we should add? Let us know in the comments below.


Don’t Make that Offer! 5 Things Hiring Managers Should Do First

It can be tempting to jump the gun when you’ve found the perfect candidate for a role. Learn how a little prep can help you avoid making an offer that falls flat.

5 Things to Do Before Making an Offer | OpenView Labs

Anyone involved in hiring at a startup can agree — the most exciting part of any search is sending out the offer. After all the time and effort you put into finding the right person you’re so close to finally bringing them on board. But now comes the hard part — waiting to hear back and wondering, will the candidate accept?

Ultimately, that final decision may be out of your hands, but with the proper preparation you can set yourself up to make the most compelling offer possible. Here are a few points to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes on managing the offer process from start to finish.


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How Most B2B Brands Get Facebook Wrong (And How to Get it Right)

Like it or not, Facebook is a viable and important channel for B2B brands, too. Social media marketing expert Mari Smith shares her tips for making the most of its rapidly evolving marketing and advertising options.

How to Get B2B Facebook Marketing Right | OpenView Labs

If you look at lists of the most successful brands on Facebook, you’ll notice a trend. No, not that they’re food, beverage, or clothing companies (which is true). But more generally, that they’re consumer companies. Naturally, that can lead many B2B marketers to assume that Facebook — despite boasting more than 1 billion users — is not really the best forum for B2B marketing and customer engagement.

Social media thought leader and Facebook aficionado Mari Smith says that presumption is bogus.