The Keys to Changing Your Sales Mindset

Are you struggling to feel confident with your new or existing sales job? Jill Konrath, author of the new book Agile Selling, explains why simply shifting your sales mindset can have a huge impact on your success.

The Keys to Changing Your Sales Mindset

Whether you’re just getting starting or you’ve been in sales for years, sometimes it’s hard to feel confident when walking into a room or getting on the phone for a sales call. The good news is there are simple things you can do to create a positive experience and generate positive outcomes no matter how the sale itself turns out.


3 Simple Salesforce Hacks with Major Sales Impact

At some point, all sales managers deal with the challenge of extracting more meaningful sales process insight from their installation. In this post, Salesforce expert Michael Hanna shares three simple hacks that can deliver that insight and enable more informed sales execution.

3 Simple Salesforce Hacks with Major Sales Impact | OpenView Labs

When Michael Hanna joined me for a webinar on Salesforce hacks last week, the former sales operations leader for businesses like UPS and Eloqua made it abundantly clear that his hacks were designed to accomplish a singular goal: Helping sales teams hit quota. Seems reasonable enough. After all, as Hanna explained to our audience, if your Salesforce implementation isn’t designed to achieve that goal, then why bother with it at all?


Jobr: Is This the Best Recruiting App You’re Missing Out On?

When it comes to startup recruitment and job searching, it really doesn’t get much better than LinkedIn — or does it? Let’s break down the pros and cons of the latest hot recruiting tool — Jobr, the “Tinder-for-jobs” app.

Jobr Review: The Tinder for Jobs App | OpenView Labs

I have no idea how companies found candidates in the pre-LinkedIn days. Thanks to LinkedIn, we now have access to effectively anyone and everyone interested in new job opportunities (and even those that aren’t!). Not to mention an endless amount of tools to keep track of prospects, our recruitment pipeline, and interview loops. Yes, sites like Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed helped pave the way for easier sourcing, but lets face it, who’s using these anymore? LinkedIn came in and completely changed the game. While I may have weekly issues and bugs to work through with their help desk, there’s no question the majority of candidates are here. Nevermind Meet-up, Github, and the like. This is it. As far as online recruitment goes, it doesn’t get much better than this — or does it?


Marketers: Stop Chasing Perfection and Just Ship It

The concept of minimum viable product isn’t just for software developers. OpenView’s Devon McDonald explains how marketers can benefit from a “just ship it” mentality.

perfection is a mirage

Startup marketers often fancy themselves as the creative branch of their growing company’s brand — the artists tasked with crafting the perfect message for the perfect customer at the perfect time. The result of that sometimes-misguided sense of purpose is that marketers (and, at times, the expansion-stage companies they work for) generally become obsessed with the mirage of perfection.


Scrum Skeptics: How to Address Leadership’s Most Common Concerns

Scrum Inc. COO Alex Brown explains how to address one of the most common knee-jerk reactions from senior management when it comes to implementing Scrum: “We can’t do that here.”

Most Common Scrum Concerns | OpenView Labs

If you’ve ever tried to convince a skeptical senior executive to give Scrum a shot then you’ve likely experienced a fair amount of pain and frustration. In worst-case scenarios, it can feel as though you’re repeatedly banging your head against the wall.

Unfortunately, anti-Scrum bias can exist, and it’s often the byproduct of poor understanding or misinformation. Typically, it boils down to one of two concerns: Either the company’s product is too complicated to fit into a short Scrum sprint, or the business lacks the manpower to perform all the testing that needs to be completed in a sprint.


Marketers: Sorry, But Your Opinions Don’t Matter Anymore

If Don Draper were still in the marketing game, he’d be trusting data more than his gut.

The New Don Draper: Data-Driven Marketers | OpenView Labs

If you’re a fan of Mad Men and watch the show religiously like I do, then you’ve probably caught yourself doing it at least once or twice — looking around your own office, with its open floor plan, the noticeable lack of ash treys and decanters, and marveling at how much things have changed since the “glory days” of ’60s advertising.


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5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales

Slow summer sales got you down? Cheer up — just because your prospects aren’t buying now, it doesn’t mean they’re not planning for the Fall. Sales expert Mike Brooks explains how the best way to combat a slow summer is planning for a successful fall.

5 Ways to Combat Slow Summer Sales | OpenView Labs

I don’t know about you, but two days before July 4th business started slowing down and after the holiday, it seemed to practically stop. We do have business, but the pace — the new leads and especially the urgency of the first half of the year — seems like it’s grinding to a halt.


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5 Things Employees Value More than Money

Money may be a great motivator, but the truth is these five things can play just as big a role in attracting top talent.

5 Things Employees Value More than Money | OpenView Labs

I interview many candidates, and one question I always ask is:

What’s your motivation for speaking with me today?

Typically, I ask this question at both the beginning and end of a call. Very rarely will I receive a response that compensation is the driving factor in a search, regardless of whether it’s a passive or active candidate.

The truth is while compensation is definitely a motivator, it’s not always top-of-mind at this point in a hiring process. Money is a great motivator, but what other benefits are candidates looking for when they’re making a decision to leave or stay at a current role?


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