How to conduct a CRM Analysis: Alternatives and Tools

Tools and alternative methods to let you analyze your CRM data In the last three articles, I have described an approach to planning and structuring CRM data analysis. I emphasized, for good reason, the steps of setting up the analysis and preparing the input data, which are essential to a successful CRM data analysis project. I described a multi-purpose, versatile approach that can be applied to analyze any aspect of the CRM data, and for any given operational management and decision making purposes. The process can be used to help optimize demand generation tactics, sales and business activities benchmarking, or…

Expert Tips on Boosting Free Trial Conversions

KISSmetrics co-founder Hiten Shah and Totango co-founder Guy Nirpaz share their tips for optimizing your free trials and converting more prospects.

Free Trial Conversion Optimization | OpenView Labs

We recently invited industry experts Hiten Shah, co-founder of analytics companies KISSmetrics and CrazyEgg, and Guy Nirpaz, CEO and co-founder of Totango, to discuss trial conversion optimization strategy and tactics with the marketing leaders from our portfolio.


The Crucial Missing Step in Your Hiring Process

In your rush to hire fast and grow your team, make sure skipping past this crucial step doesn’t trip you up.

The Importance of Conducting Reference Checks | OpenView Labs

Yes, it often feels like the hiring process is never going to end. Between sourcing, phone calls, scheduling, and interviews, it can really seem like it’s dragging on. During the startup or expansion stage, where every hire is especially critical, by the time you find that perfect candidate you’re ready to get them in the seat and contributing as soon as possible. But in that rush, many companies miss out on what I think is the most important step: Conducting reference checks.


How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis, Part 2

What’s the make-or-break secret to conducting successful CRM data analysis? Mapping out your game plan first.

 How to Conduct CRM Data Analysis, Part 2 | OpenView Labs

I hope you are still with me after that arduous step of getting your data pulled together and set up for the big analysis. You’re closer to uncovering a hidden treasure trove of customer insights, but before you dive in you still need to develop your game plan first. In fact, that’s the true secret of high-impact data analysis work — mapping out your results before you even do the work.


The Most Important Skill of Remarkable Sales Managers

There are many skills that a successful sales manager needs to have, but Pantheon VP Sales & Business Development Scott Crawford explains why one stands above the rest.

The Most Important Sales Manager Skills | OpenView Labs

Not every great sales rep is cut out to be a great sales manager. Just because you’re able to effectively close doesn’t mean you can effectively lead, and the fact is the qualities that spell success in each role are different.


Building An Internship Program: How to Off-Board and Evaluate Interns

Off-boarding and evaluating can make or break your startup internship program in the long run. How can you make sure your intern class keeps improving?

How to Off-board and Evaluate Interns | OpenView Labs

An intern class is typically with your company for a fixed period of time — summer, spring semester, or fall semester. At the end of that time period it’s easy to shake hands with your interns, thank them for their time, and call it a day. But before you say goodbye, it’s important to properly off-board your intern class to prevent work from falling through the cracks and give your interns a lasting impression of their time with the company.


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20 of the Best Interview Questions for Sales Hires

We asked 20 top B2B sales leaders and experts for their favorite interview question to ask new sales hires. Find out what they said.

Best Interview Questions for Sales Hires | OpenView Labs

Asking candidates the right questions during a job interview is always important, but that’s especially true for sales roles. After all, these are people trained to pitch and spin for a living. How do you ensure you’re cutting through to the core competencies of each candidate, and filling up your team with A players who can truly deliver?

Below you’ll find a collection of favorite interview questions from some of the top minds in B2B sales — each designed to help you identify the top performers who will make a bigger impact and fuel your company’s growth.


Strictly Sales Episode 12: How to Get Past the “No Budget” Objection

In this episode of Strictly Sales, sales executive and educator Jeff Hoffman continues his teardown of the most common sales objections. This week’s target: “We don’t have the budget.”

Strictly Sales Episode 12: The No Budget Objection | OpenView Labs

If you’re a salesperson, getting rejected is a daily occurrence. Yes, you have to get used to it, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it, or settle for every “no” your prospects throw at you. In fact, many of the most common sales objections aren’t as final as you might think. As sales educator Jeff Hoffman explains, with the right reaction, you might be surprised by how often you can turn any excuse into an opportunity.