More Than Just Events: 4 Ways Field Marketing Drives More Sales

Too often, companies take a limited view of field marketing, relating it solely with events or in-field activities. But it can be much more.


What is Field Marketing?

Chances are, if you are a marketer or a sales person at a high-growth SaaS company, you’ve heard the words “field marketing” thrown around. But do you really understand what field marketing is or what it can mean for your business?

Just as every company is different — with its own structure, target markets, challenges and opportunities, etc. — no two field marketing programs are exactly alike. With that caveat in mind, here is one common way of describing it.


The #1 Secret to Channel Success: How to Align Your Goals with Your Partners

HubSpot VP Sales Peter Caputa explains how working together with resellers toward the same common goal has helped make HubSpot’s channel program one of the most successful in the industry.


Peter Caputa is a firm believer in the power of partnerships — and for good reason. As the creator of the reseller program at HubSpot, the pioneering inbound marketing software company that went public last October, he has seen first-hand the impact that selling through the channel can have on a company’s growth. As of last June, it’s been responsible for approximately 42% of HubSpot’s customers, and 33% of its revenue.


How to Design a Quiz for B2B Lead Generation

Looking for a more creative and effective way to engage prospects? This quick-start guide to running online quizzes will have you generating more leads in a snap.

pop quiz

Congratulations! You just launched a brand new research report chock full of industry data your prospects crave. You plopped it on a landing page, did a little promotion, and now you’re waiting for the leads to start pouring in.

But what if the leads don’t start coming? How will you demonstrate ROI on this piece of content? What else could you do to get the word out about your report?


The Complete Guide to Channel Sales & Marketing

Aligning your company with the right channel partners can help you reach more customers — and make them more satisfied and successful — than ever before.

Channel eBook cover

For all the benefits, however, one thing the channel won’t provide is an immediate fix to marketing woes or a quick boost in revenue. Building a stable and profitable SaaS channel program is a complex undertaking that requires patience, vision, and expert coordination of resources and leadership.

That’s why we’ve created our newest eBook: The Complete Guide to Channel Sales & Marketing.


Unlock the Channel: New Guide to Leveraging Value Added Resellers

Learn how aligning your company with the right channel partners can help you reach more customers — and make them more satisfied and successful — than ever before.


Success is never a solitary achievement, particularly in the software industry. From design and development to deployment and distribution, software companies tap into a wide spectrum of skill sets and networks in order to bring their visions to life by putting their products into the hands of end users.


How to Build Your Personal Brand with Three Powerful Words

Influential writer, speaker, and HR advisor Laurie Ruettimann shares her simple secret for building a brand that clearly defines what makes you distinctly you — and why that’s more important than ever for leaders looking to attract the best talent.

94H (1)

In a day and age when everyone is vying to win the hearts and minds of followers on social media, it’s clear the need to separate yourself from the pack is more prevalent than ever. And with competition for tech talent again on the rise, that’s especially true for startups and their founders. The importance of projecting a consistent, unique message about who you are and what you have to offer is how you will not only be remembered, but also how you will become respected in your industry.


The Best Marketing Videos of 2014: Announcing the B2B Oscars Winners

Your votes are in! See which nominees you selected as the best B2B marketing videos of the year.

b2b oscar winners banner

Once again, we couldn’t let Hollywood have all the fun. For the third year in a row, we’ve hosted the B2B Oscars to celebrate the best marketing, recruiting, and product videos of the year, and we asked you to vote to determine who goes home with the hardware (see the full list of nominees here).

This year, in addition to announcing the winners, we also asked two video marketing experts to add their thoughts on why these videos are such effective examples of how B2B companies can tell their stories, showcase their solutions, and humanize their brands.