HR Tools for Startups: Less Paperwork, Fewer Headaches


Learn about three inexpensive HR tools that make hiring, calendaring, and other tasks much easier for a growing company.

hr tools

Jonathan Blum and Alex Dalenberg of write that there are several HR tools that can be used to help startups with tracking resumes, analyzing candidates, and other human resources tasks. The two writers present three such tools and a quick rundown of how each can help bootstrapping companies.

Blum and Dalenberg start with Resume Manager, which they describe as “an online app for bringing order to the hiring process by letting employees digitally sort, organize, and prioritize inbound resumes as they flood in.” Next, they point to WorkforceGrowth, which is “a cloud-based tool for conducting and analyzing employee performance reviews, as well as for giving and receiving feedback on tasks and projects.” After that, Blum and Dalenberg list WhosOff as one of the most useful and inexpensive calendar HR tools for “planning, approving, and managing employee leave time.” Get your human resources house in order without investing a small fortune in software or talent.