The Value of Core Values: 5 Reasons Why Your Company’s Founding Principles Matter

by Entrepreneur

Your company’s founding principles and core values shouldn’t be relegated to the “About Us” page of your website. Living them will play a fundamental role in guiding your decisions, shaping your culture, and connecting you with your customers.

“As an entrepreneur, you make tough decisions every day,” writes Nadia Goodman in this post for’s The Daily Dose. “Whatever the challenges you face, from cutting costs to entering new markets, your company’s founding principles are the bedrock that will help you make good choices and gain a competitive edge.”

As Goodman points out, shaping your business around your founding principles and weaving your core values into your culture will help you differentiate yourself, empower your employees, build brand loyalty, pivot successfully — by keeping one foot planted firmly in your values — and gain partners. Strong guiding principles give your company its identify, and they give customers and other businesses a reason to align with your brand.