Former Microsoft Exec Shares 3 Lessons from Bill Gates

by Entrepreneur

Imagine working alongside Bill Gates during his rise to becoming one of the most influential minds in the technology industry.

It’s no wonder why former Microsoft employees seem to fare well once they leave the nest. Former Microsoft senior executive Naveen Jain has launched three ventures since his Microsoft days, each seemingly more ambitious than the next. Jain believes that his time spent around Gates empowered him to succeed as a serial entrepreneur. Here are some of the lessons he learned from Microsoft’s co-founder:

  • One of the first things that Jain gleaned was that Gates valued execution. To Gates, success on a large scale meant out-executing the competition.
  • Another lesson learned from Gates was to make sure you hire diversely. Don’t just surround yourself with clones of yourself; you need unique perspectives and abilities.
  • And the final lesson was to be agile and persistent. Don’t chase a wish to the ends of the Earth. Know when it’s best to pivot, cut your losses or remain steadfastly focused.

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