Entrepreneur Mistakes: Superman Syndrome is Company Kryptonite

by Business Insider

Avoid one of the most costly entrepreneur mistakes: the Superman complex.

entrepreneur mistakes

Max Nisen of Business Insider writes that one of the biggest entrepreneur mistakes is that they don’t consider the serious dangers that accompany rapid growth.

“The very things that help entrepreneurs succeed,” Nisen says, “can end up holding them back.” Instead of following the Facebook model, where you get others on board for free to accelerate the growth of your company, too many entrepreneurs suffer from a “Superman complex” in which they’re stuck thinking that “they don’t need to change with their company.”

Nisen cites Gazelles CEO Verne Harnish, who says that “if you look at Facebook’s business model, they’ve said that they have one seventh of the planet working for them for free,” and that puts them at a serious advantage, since “whoever gets the most brains on the bus wins.” Harnish concedes that a little bit of the Superman complex is healthy at the beginning, since co-founders need ego to get started, but it can also be one of the most crippling entrepreneur mistakes as your company grows.