Try This Customer Service Strategy on For Size: Be Bad

Striving to be the best at everything makes your company average across the board. Adjust your customer service strategy to be great at what matters most to your customers and stop worrying about everything else.

customer service strategyFrances Frei, Harvard Business School professor and co-author of Uncommon Service, says that “the number one obstacle to excellence is…desiring to be great at everything.” Your competitors will probably do a few things better than you, so take that into account before creating an unrealistic customer service strategy. Focusing on being perfect is a distraction, and prevents your company from having great customer service in the areas that are important to your customers.

Frei suggests that service companies, who often fall victim to this unrealistic customer service strategy, look to a product company like Apple for guidance. In designing the MacBook Air, Apple wanted its new product to be best in class for size and weight. “There was no angst inside of the Apple employees” when the time came to give up memory and other hardware in the pursuit of a lighter, smaller product. Determine what your customers desire most and least, Frei says, and then adjust your customer service strategy to target only what matters most to them.