Coaching Tips for Your Top (and Bottom) Sales Producers

by The Sales Blog

In a post for The Sales Blog, S. Anthony Iannarino talks about handling the salespeople that are already succeeding at a high level in your company.

“The concern is that by prescribing or directing them, these salespeople will be offended by suggestions that they take some new action or try on some new belief,” he writes. “Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Iannarino says that many of the top producers are always seeking an edge, looking for a new idea, a new approach, or a new way to create value for their clients. For these reasons, they are coachable and open to discussing what they do now and how they might be more effective.

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“This group of top producers is interested in learning about what other people are doing that is succeeding for them,” he writes. “They want to learn.”

They are coachable because they continue to seek an edge, even when they are already doing well. They are paranoid about falling behind. They don’t want to miss something that might allow them keep their place atop the leader’s board.

On the other hand, Iannarino says, there is a small subset of uncoachable top 20-percenters, who are petrified of new ideas, new actions, and new beliefs.

“ Mostly, they are afraid that they won’t be as successful as they are now because they will be losing some part of the magic that is allowing them to succeed,” he writes.

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