The Best Marketing Advice I Ever Got: Digital Marketing Influencers Share the Words of Wisdom that Shaped Their Careers

by Digiday

The best advice can change your perspective in ways you didn’t see coming. Often it results in an “aha” moment that can even impact the course of your career.

, senior editor at Digiday asked a group of digital marketing influencers what their aha moments were, and the results are words of wisdom passed on to you. Erich Marx, director of interactive and social media marketing at Nissan North America, said his moment came when it finally dawned on him that “right doesn’t always equal best. Having support and  buy-in across departments divisions to a good plan is often better than shoving what you think the best plan is down everyone’s collective throat.”
Marci Troutman, CEO of Siteminis, meanwhile, has received multiple great pieces of marketing advice over the years. “First, it never hurts to take a meeting, you never know where it will lead and what you will learn,” she says. “And second, build your network with only those individuals that will make you a better person, and avoid those that bring you down. Last, don’t hesitate to test an idea out, you won’t ever find out if it works unless its thrown out there.” For more words of wisdom that can inspire you and perhaps even change your marketing approach, read the full post here.

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