What Kind of Leader are You? The 8 Types of CEOs

by Chief Executive

CEO personalities are just as diverse as with any other business role.

You may encounter the Maverick CEO, the Cautious CEO, the Rogue, or a range of others. That’s what makes every leader unique; they all have their own idiosyncratic approach to the company strategy. Here are a few more personalities (and their weaknesses), as described by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn, writer for ChiefExecutive.net:

  • The Iconoclast – Mark Zuckerberg would most commonly be associated with this management mindset. As a leader, Zuckerberg ignored norms and appearance to pave the way for his social media vision, Facebook. What’s the risk? You may alienate your people by coming off as too radical.
  • The Cult CEO – Steve Jobs is the icon for this group. He leads by example and embodies the company he heads. Oh, and he has a die-hard following of loyal fans. What’s the risk? The “too big to fail” mantra.

Are these all of the CEO personalities out there? Hardly. For more CEO types, read the full article by Einhorn.