What is the CEO Responsible for?

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This is a part of a series that was created to help you define what you aspire to be as a company. This series will walk through the process, necessary roles, in addition to guides for each role to define your aspirations quickly.

Print out and use this checklist to ensure that this effort will have the greatest probability of success.

Each and every member of the executive team agrees that:

  • We have all had a chance to weigh in on the company’s aspirations during a full-day workshop and have had a thorough discussion.
  • Each of us is committed to the company’s aspirations.
  • We have each had a chance to practice communicating the aspirations and are comfortable doing so.
  • We understand how each of our people can contribute to the company’s aspirations and are ready to have conversations with them.
  • We are committed to living in a manner that is aligned with the company’s aspirations.
  • We have a good plan for communicating and reinforcing our aspirations and are committed to getting all of our employees up the learning curve.
  • We are open to feedback from others that will help us get better aligned with the company’s aspirations.
  • We will review progress with respect to our aspirations every quarter, and we understand and support the objective measures that will be gathered to gauge progress.
  • Each of us knows what to do to live and reinforce the company’s aspirations.
  • We have assigned and trained an administrator to ensure that this practice stays front and center and is accurately monitored.
  • We are ready to go.

Next week, I’ll post the checklist for facilitator.