SaaS Pricing Maturity Calculator

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How does your pricing stack up against your peers?

A few years ago, Warren Buffett shared the secret behind his incredibly successful investing strategy: focus on pricing power. In his view, pricing power is “the single most important decision in evaluating a business,” and the best indicator of whether a company has an enduring business. Yet most SaaS startups are only beginning to contemplate their pricing power, let alone at a stage when they can fully leverage pricing as a strategic growth driver. They typically ask how to get started on their pricing journey, what they should be doing and what success looks like.

To determine the maturity of your pricing and get advice on reaching the next level, we’ve created a simple interactive pricing maturity survey. The survey diagnoses where you excel and where you have room to improve, then recommends next steps for your business. As we collect more data, we will be able to benchmark your performance against peers at the same stage of growth and who sell into similar customer segments. Click the button to get started, and please leave any feedback and suggestions in the comments!

Senior Director of Market Strategy

  • aaronshiphawk

    Kyle, this calculator is awesome. It not only helped me think deeply about ShipHawk’s pricing strategy, but also inspired me to create a similar diagnostic tool to help our prospective customers with shipping strategy here:

    You clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the questions in the survey — the benchmarking data should be super interesting.

    • That is awesome! So glad to hear you not only found the calculator useful, but that it inspired some other really great content! Look out for the results of this survey soon!

    • Kyle Poyar

      Glad to hear that, thanks for dropping us a line! The benchmarking data will be out soon, and we’re about to launch a pricing strategy guide for early stage companies. Stay tuned.