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MassTLC Innovation 2014 unConference Storify Recap

In November, MassTLC (Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council) hosted its annual Innovation unConference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. I was fortunate to attend the event and learned a lot that I’d like to share.

In order to continue sustaining innovation in Massachusetts, we need to inspire younger people to start companies and to lead those companies through growth. It may be true that Silicon Valley is currently the largest booming area for technology, innovation, and venture capital, but Boston is actually ranked #2 for tech employment and #1 for biotech. It has a vibrant startup, innovation, tech, science, and education community, as well, and its one I’m very committed to being an active member of.

In fact, I am in a growing minority of high school students who are quickly becoming Boston’s newest innovators — launching startups, looking for internships and jobs at younger and younger ages, and in some cases, skipping the traditional college path altogether.

Below is a Storify that recaps what was said at the event using tweeted takeaways and highlighting the top topics and trends discussed. How can cities like Boston continue innovating by keeping students and companies local? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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