Infographic: Are You Ready to Launch a Lead Generation Team?

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OpenView’s New Infographic Asks the Tough Questions You Need to Answer to Find Out

Outbound lead generation is a key component of any B2B company’s marketing strategy, helping it to identify highly qualified prospects in target segments and ultimately build the sales funnel.

The problem, however, particularly for expansion-stage companies, is that they fail to appreciate everything it takes to build a successful lead gen team. From defining your revenue expectations and understanding your buyer persona(s) to assembling the right tools, hiring the right people, and managing the team effectively, launching a lead gen team is no small feat.

OpenView’s new infographic outlines everything that this important, but challenging, process entails so that you are in a better position to know if you’re really ready. So what are you waiting for?

Before you get your lead generation team rolling take a minute to view the full infographic or download a printable version below.

View the full infographic below or Download a PDF

launching a outbound lead generation team


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  • Good primer on what you need to know to build a demand generation capability!  There seems to be an error in step 3 under attention grabbers; I think you mean “the return on investment that customers have had with your solution”, not “your competitors”.

  • Don Montgomery

    P.S.  Love the infographics.  These are terrific!

  • Thank you for excellent summary for what we’re trying to achieve.

  • WOW! what a simple way to expose such a complex process… 

  • This is a probably very close to be the ultimate way to convert leads. I would recommend you to automate the process using a system like InfusionSoft.

  • Good points. These should be used as a guideline when building a lead generation team. Everything should be thoroughly reviewed to avoid mistakes.

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    This is great!  Thank you.  

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    Number 4 is my favorite

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  • Some great ideas and also some great infograohics, thanks!

  • jcrowe_openview

    So glad this infographic has been such a big hit! We’re hard at work developing another one which should appear early next year. We’re also eager to produce more. What subjects/topics would you like to see us cover next?

  • This a beauty! As they say a picture is worth a thousands words and you’ve saved us the need to explain this without oxygen.