Growth Strategy: For Marketers, The Rules Have Changed

Blake Harris by

As a new member of the OpenView team, I want this blog to be a place to learn, share, and discuss the latest marketing growth strategies and growth tactics.

As the team in charge of executing the go-to-market strategy set by the CEO or founder, marketers at expansion-stage startups are often the key drivers of their companies’ growth. At the same time, those marketers are pressured to justify the ROI of every program, maximize their investment in systems and tools, and execute omni-channel campaigns that generate qualified sales pipeline, fast. Pulling this all together takes a new approach that requires a hybrid set of marketing skills — think technical, strategic, analytical, and some old-school Don Draper for good measure. We’re calling this approach “Growth Strategy,” and I’m excited to spearhead this practice area for OpenView Labs.

I joined OpenView from a Boston-based B2B SaaS technology company where I held various marketing roles in marketing operations and demand generation both pre and post IPO. I’m a marketer who is equally at home planning and orchestrating high-level changes to a go-to-market strategy, analyzing KPI results with sales and marketing leaders, or getting in the weeds A/B testing landing pages with an operations team. Building on all of this experience combined with your input and my work with OpenView’s amazing portfolio companies, it’s my goal to develop laser-focused best practices around modern marketing demand generation, growth, and operations.

Follow this blog now — it will be a megaphone for how some of the best B2B marketers are achieving their goals with the latest growth strategies.

The stakes for marketers at expansion-stage companies are huge. Traditional communication channels and old school tactics aren’t as useful as they once were. We have access to new channels, APIs, partnerships, and technologies that enable us to track and optimize every conversion point — changing the game for what marketing once was. I’m excited to be on that journey with the OpenView community.

Let me know — what B2B growth and demand resources would you like to see more of?

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