IT Security: How Big a Budget?

vickilynn by Network World

Security  =  5% of total IT budget.

You have to balance risk and cost when it comes to IT security spending. Network World reports on a recent Gartner spending survey in the article, “How much should you spend on IT security?” Gartner surveyed approximately 1500 companies and found that on average they spend 5% of the total IT budget on security initiatives.

The amount you spend on security is not as important as how well you spend it, according to David Lello of Gartner, who was interviewed for the Network World piece.

Additional statistics cited in this thoughtful article include:

  • Security spending is often driven by malicious attacks, regulations, crime and new delivery service models.
  • The top IT security issues for most companies surveyed by Gartner were “intrusion detection and prevention.”
  • Patches, data loss, identity management and anti-virus issues were also cited as significant.

For more on the Gartner survey, follow the Network World link below.