Is Your Company Brand Attracting New Hires?

company branding

In a recent post for TLNT, Ron Thomas suggests asking yourself , as a business owner, why would someone work for you and your company?

“I would love to pose that question to any senior level executive as they embark on a 2012 that, by all accounts, will be another year of uncertainty,” he writes.

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Thomas says the most important message that an organization must live, eat breathe and sleep is the Employee Value Proposition.

“This is the key link to your employer branding,” he writes. “Every organization should not only think through this powerful question, but also need to develop a mission statement the specifically focuses on why an employee would want to work with you.”

He lists several questions to think about regarding this proposition, such as:

  • So, what is unique about you and your organization?
  • What are the major people policies?
  • What processes and programs demonstrate the organization’s commitment to employees?

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If you can’t answer these questions, he says, you may want to go back to the drawing board.

For more on branding your company for new hires, read Thomas’ full post here.