Founder-led Selling: A Design Pattern for Iterative Startup GTM Development & Execution

Peter Kazanjy by

The following is an overview of founder-led selling and provides a design pattern to help early stage startup founders and their teams think through the earliest stages of their go-to-market strategies. This deck is the distillation of my experience from founding and then running sales at TalentBin, writing Founding Sales, running the Modern Sales community, and advising a couple dozen early stage B2B startups on their GTM strategies over the last three years.

Through this deck you’ll learn that at each stage of GTM, there are a set of things that should be focused on (and others that should specifically not be focused on). You’ll see that not focusing on the things that need to be done at a certain stage in order to get to the next, or prematurely focusing on the things called for at later stages, can seriously damage the enterprise value creation.

After years of experience helping countless teams through this process, I have seen too many early stage companies fly themselves into the ground because they’ve failed to master their GTM approach. They continue to fail simply because they don’t have access to good information. With this deck, I am hoping to change that.

Share this information with your early stage B2B founders, sales leaders and others in the industry and keep them from flying into the ground. They’ll thank you.