Establishing the Right Incentive Plan is Key for Sales

by Sales Force Effectiveness Blog


sales incentive

In a post for the Sales Force Effectiveness Blog, Ryan Tognazzini delves into the value of role clarity and sales incentive plans in the sales process.

Tognazzini says a key challenge when designing effective sales incentive plans is determining how to pay for the value each individual brings to the sale.

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He highlights five steps of a typical selling process, followed by role types that generally “own” each phase of the sale.

Tognazzini suggests conducting the following exercise:

– Get your leadership team in a room together.

– Draw a matrix similar to the one below on a white board.

– Across the top of the matrix, list out the steps of your sales process.

He says if you don’t have a defined sales process, stop here, because you’ve potentially uncovered a larger issue that sales compensation won’t fix.

“Get your selling methodology formalized before worrying about sales incentive compensation,” he writes.

– List out the various roles involved in your typical sales campaigns down the left hand side.

– Populate the matrix with a “P” for the primary owner of this phase in the sales process, and an “A” for those who assist in the phase of the process compensation sales incentive plans.

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“When complete, you should have clarity around the sales role each individual plays in the process. 50% of solving a problem is defining it correctly,” he writes.

For more tips on creating incentive plans, read Tognazzini’s full post here.