Blog Content to Grow By

vickilynn by Social Media Today

Tips to Create Superior Blog Content

A content strategy is lovely, but you need great content to attract customers, and build your expert reputation. In a recent post, the Social Media Today Blog offered these tips to help you create content that is fresh and compelling.

  • Develop topics ahead of time: Come up with a list of 50-100 post topics before you start posting.
  • Craft creative titles: Use keywords in titles and write titles to capture a reader’s attention.
  • Write for scanning, not reading: Most people scan blog posts. Use bullet points, bold, underline and images to deliver your message.
  • Use a casual tone: Write as if you were talking face to face. Make it easy to understand.
  • Use content links: Sharing links and linking to other resources, gives you credibility.
  • Eliminate wordiness: After you write a post, go back and eliminate filler words
  • Stay on topic: Focus on your area of expertise and on what is interesting to your readers.

Keep all of these tips in mind when crafting your content, and you are sure to succeed in the ever-expanding blogosphere.