6 Examples of Irresistible Lead-Generating Content

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HubSpot’s Marketing Grader is a perfect example of a lead-generating piece of marketing content that people actually crave.

Content Marketing has taken on a life of it’s own over the last five years. Thanks to major players like HubspotContent Marketing Institute, and MarketingProfs, marketers everywhere feel empowered and prepared to dive head first into the wonderful world of content marketing.

The only problem is that everyone — yes, even your competitors — is now creating eBooks, blogs posts, videos, webinars, etc.

So how the hell can you stand out from the crowd and offer prospective buyers content compelling enough that they will give you what it is you really want: their name, company, role, phone number and email address (at a minimum)?

Let’s take a look at what companies like Hubspot — the reigning king of content strategy — are doing right now to generate more leads (in HubSpot’s case, to the tune of 50,000 leads a month!).

Offer Tools, Templates, and Guides that Your Buyers Crave!

If your goal is lead generation, offering gated content to your buyers is of course key. But how do you ensure your gated offers are actually irresistible to your buyers?

The secret is the tools and pieces you offer don’t need to be exactly related to your product or the problem it solves. Okay, I realize that may seem a little weird at first. Why would you want to spend time and resources producing a piece of content that has nothing to do with your value prop or your offering?

But trust me on this. You have to remember, producing truly great and enticing content isn’t about you! It’s about your customer. It’s about you proving that you get them. You aren’t just trying to make a quick buck off them, you truly understand what their job entails and the issues that they face everyday.

6 Inspiring Examples of Irresistible Content Offers

Here are some examples of companies offering tools, templates, and guides that truly appeal to their buyers:

1) Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

2) SmartBear’s Guide to Data-Driven Testing

3) RecruitLoops Interviewing Guide

4) Eloqua’s Grande Guides

5) Firefish’s Split Fee Agreement Template

6) Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Template

What other B2B companies do you know creating standout content offers? Please leave links to great resources in the comments section (shameless self-promotion encouraged!).

Photo by: Matt McGee