5 C-level Sales Truths

vickilynn by Heavy Hitter Sales Blog

Do you know what is keeping you from making a sale with a CEO?

Five simple truths stand between you and C-level sales, according to Steve W. Martin, author of “Heavy Hitter Sales Psychology: How to Penetrate the C-Level Executive Suite and Convince Company Leaders to Buy.”

Martin’s five C-Level sales truths and some possible solutions:

  1. Truth: C-Level executives are inundated by salespeople.
    Do not use generic messages. Only a unique, individual messaging campaign has a fighting chance with C-level executives.
  2. Truth: C-Level executives are generally NOT the real product decision makers.
    Focus your efforts on senior and mid-level management (the real decision makers)and build a predisposition towards your product.
  3. Truth: C-Level executives do not always feel the “pain” or sense of urgency.
    Never assume that an executive knows how your solution applies to his business.  Structure messages based on success at similar businesses to motivate further investigation.
  4. Truth: Blind calling C-Level executives can damage your relationships with low and mid-level managers.
    Execute a sales strategy that engages all levels the customer’s organization and influences them to promote you to the higher level.
  5. Truth: You must know what to say when you do reach C-Level executives.
    Learn sales linguistics (how a customer’s mind interprets language) or the call is doomed.