5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

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Editor’s note: This post is a part of a series that was created to help you define and build the practice of influencer marketing into your company. This series will walk you through the process, necessary roles, and best practices to get started with influencer marketing quickly and effectively.
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Influencer marketing offers significant benefits to your customer development efforts.

Specifically, it enables you to:

Raise awareness of your brand within your industry/space

When you build relationships with key influencers, sooner or later you’ll probably benefit by getting some kind of “ink.” Perhaps they will share one of your customer success stories, review one of your products, mention your company in a case study, or write a company overview. These mentions essentially create another mark of your company on the Internet, acting as free advertising for your business. Your prospects will see this information and become introduced or reacquainted with your company’s brand.

Increase your web traffic

When an influencer mentions your company, if his or her audience is interested, they will probably seek out more information, usually by going to your website.

Test your messaging and value proposition

More often than not, your influencers are on the pulse of trends within your industry. If you can’t sell them on your company’s competitive advantage and offerings, you may experience the same friction when selling to your prospects. Influencer marketing provides a feedback loop with people who live and breathe within your space.

Generate inbound leads or inquiries about your company

Influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to communicate your value proposition, offerings, and company background to prospects you may not otherwise have engaged with. This will result in more people visiting your website, participating in webinars, reading your blog, etc., who will eventually turn into qualified leads.

Build credibility/overcome objections/close more sales, faster

When an influencer has given your company his or her “seal of approval,” the people who look to the influencer trust that person’s word. Your sales people won’t have to spend as much time selling your value proposition when the influencer has already helped communicate your message.

Next week, I’ll explain how to implement and influencer marketing strategy.