3 Time-Saving Sales Tools to Check Out Today

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Need to supercharge the end of Q2, and jump-start Q3? Well, here are three time-saving sales tools that you should get familiar with ASAP. In fact, they solve some of the age-old problems all sales professionals face.

1) VisualizeROI


The Problem: Inability to communicate ROI or Value in a way that prospects can digest.

The Background: Today’s customers and prospects are savvier than ever. By the time a sales rep gets them live on a call or demo, they have already educated themselves on why exactly they need a particular solution. And now, it is the role of the sales rep to sell them on why their product is a better option that that of their competitions. How? Well, relationships have a time and a place in the sales cycle, however the sales rep is really responsible for articulating the value of their company and product in the most meaningful way possible. Enter… VisualizeROI

The Tagline: VisualizeROI standardizes value communication across the awareness to renewal process.

What it does:

  • Visually summarizes the 3-5 main areas where your solutions create value for the client and estimates the potential revenue or cost impact on the prospect’s business
  • Creates personalized reports to effectively communicate value throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Provides transparent, credible analytics to justify the economics of products and services to prospects and existing customers

How it’s useful:

  • Provides actionable insight to customer sales management into sales funnel to focus resources, increase deal sizes, shorten sales cycles and reduce discounts
  • Makes it easier and more rewarding for sales to capture consistent data
  • Easier selling and enhanced credibility
  • Decrease time spent preparing pricing and ROI presentations

2) ToutApp


The Problem: Too much time spent digging out of email. Without getting anything out of it (read: actionable insights).

The Background: Sales reps spend a large portion of their day in email, and the truth of the matter is things fall through the cracks. And furthermore, are left wondering “now what?” after spending time on a perfectly  crafted email. Knowing how leads and prospects interact with your email, and having a built in email management tool is the secret to a successful, efficient, and highly productive sales force.

The Tagline: ToutApp’s unique sales communications solution helps sales teams close more deals faster.

What it does:

  • Integrates with your email client to increase email productivity by introducing, calendar-aids, reminders, and scheduling options
  • Generates reports and analytics for Managers and Reps on email engagement and CRM data
  • Gives sales and marketing teams access to email templates, best practices, and analytics

How it’s useful:

  • Ultimate visibility into your email, calendar, and the implications it has on your leads
  • Decreased ramp-time for new hires with access to email templates and best practices
  • Increased engagement with leads throughout the sales funnel
  • Clarity for managers on team-wide email best practices, engagement, and overall CRM data

3) Refresh.io


The Problem: Walking into a meeting with no background on the person sitting across from you.

The background: People buy from people. It’s as simple as that. Humanizing your leads and prospects is an important part of the sales process, but keeping everyone straight is a completely different story. Like I said earlier, there is a time and a place for “building relationships” in the buyer’s journey and having key insights into your prospects is a great way to spark a conversation and ultimately lead your leads to the finish line.

The Tagline: Refresh gives you the insights you need to make the most of every conversations.

What it does:

  • App syncs with your calendar and provides detailed jobs/education information on your upcoming meeting
  • Highlights your past conversation history, including first email and most recent email conversation
  • Points to mutual friends/interests from various social networks, recent articles/blog posts they’ve contributed to

 How it’s useful:

  • Easy prep work for informed meetings
  • Easy access to historical communications, PR, and social

Those are three tools I think nearly any salesperson can get value from. What are the favorite sales tools you’re currently using?


Photo by: See-ming Lee