2017 Sales & Marketing Planning Guide for SaaS Businesses

As you look ahead to 2017, you’re likely finalizing plans for the coming year. But, are you making the most of sales and marketing budgets? Are you set to embrace the latest trends to fast track sales and marketing success? Here, we’ve collected content to help you do just that. Our 2017 Planning Guide gives you an inside look at the latest trends, tactics and platforms that will allow you to elevate your sales and marketing in the coming year.

head6 Marketing Trends to Implement

Trends like user onboarding, influencer marketing, mobile-first, account-based marketing and so much more are set to take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to implement these trends now.

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chart3 Methods to Determine Sales Territories

When planning for 2017, are you dividing sales territories as effectively as possible? This guide lays out exactly why and how you should divvy up your strategic regions in the year ahead.

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beaker5 Trends that Will Shape Customer Success

Customer Success has quickly become a leading value drive for SaaS businesses. But, what are the goals of CS professionals and how will trends in 2017 shape the CS sector? It all will come down to user intelligence, better retention initiatives, customer advocacy and a more efficient tech stack.

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beaker-27 Marketing Opportunities to Test

If you’re not running these marketing opportunities, you’re not extracting the full value out of your target market. Learn how to optimize Facebook ads, advertise on Gmail, LinkedIn and YouTube, and repurpose content to get the most from your 2017 marketing budget.

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gears5 Content Marketing Trends that Will Dominate

Content marketing is the backbone of many SaaS marketing strategies. But, in 2017 formats like video and audio will reign supreme. Learn how to take advantage of new platforms to get the most out of your content marketing next year.

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rocket4 Budget Hacks Sales CMOs Should Implement

Sales CMOs are driven by revenue and therefore focus on generating more and bigger deals. So how do you drive more revenue in 2017? And how can you prioritize next year’s spend to optimize for that revenue? Find out in this article.

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