Your Sustained Innovation Principles and Playbook

by Fast Company

Read the three principles of sustained innovation and the playbook to get your company on the front lines of creative change.


Faisal Hoque, founder and CEO of BTM Corporation, writes in Fast Company that “innovation as a destinations isn’t enough.” To keep your company on top, Hoque offers three principles of sustained innovation, and a playbook to implement them.

Hoque starts by defining sustained innovation as being “powered by people who come together to share ideas, compare observations, and brainstorm solutions to complex problems.” He points to three common principles among companies that achieve this: converged disciplines, cross-boundary collaboration, and a business structure that encourages change. In order to implement these principles throughout your business, Hoque presents his playbook, which includes “core steps” that range from the simple, such as listening broadly for ideas from customers and your front lines, to the more complex, such as organizing an innovation team and program. “Discipline and innovation are not opposites, but complements,” Hoque writes, so be prepared to work hard when changing your company for the better.