Your LinkedIn Profile Is Not Your Resume: 6 Things Not to Include When Applying

by Mashable

More and more aspects of recruiting and job application may be focused around LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean that you should simply send a link to your LinkedIn profile rather than a resume.

For one, “it’s not tailored enough to show the value you could bring to the specific job you’re applying for,” writes Gerrit Hall in a post for Mashable. Secondly, “there are plenty of things your LinkedIn profile has that need to stay clear of your resume.” Hall points out that it’s usually not appropriate to list all of your experience, for example – relevant past positions, absolutely; your high school job, not so much.

But it’s the personal touches you should really do without. That includes interests, Hall suggests. “While it’s great to let your networking connections see your interests on LinkedIn, a potential employer does not need to know that you enjoy playing basketball if you’re applying for a job in IT.” For more on what aspects of your LinkedIn profile you shouldn’t be including in your resume, read the full post here.

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