You Say Customer Complaints, I Hear Valuable Feedback

by Mind Mulch

Customer complaints can take the form of powerful feedback for salespeople and marketers when met with an open mind.

Too often, sales and marketing departments are dismissive of customer complaints. That is, if they even stop to consider the root cause of them in the first place. The systematic response taken by most companies is to essentially overlook complaints, instead of analyzing them critically. Don F. Perkins of MindMulch believes customer complaints are, if nothing else, overt learning opportunities. Here are some customer complaints Perkins shares, along with his suggestions of what companies should be taking away from them:

  • “Your ads and products promised something that you didn’t deliver on.” This can be one the most damning claims against a company. A company that can’t deliver on its promises isn’t going to fare well.
  • “You haven’t addressed my technical issues. Why should I continue to do business with you?” Being unable to fix your customers’ technical issues will make them significantly less likely to deal with you again. Find out how you can resolve the problems and get to it.

For more on how customer complaints can be learning opportunities for sales and marketing, read the full article by Perkins.

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