You Don’t Need to Write Code to Run a Software Company

by Inc

A determined entrepreneur can accomplish a lot behind the helm of a software venture — even if he or she can’t code.

That’s the message delivered by Danielle Weinblatt, founder of Take the Interview. Her code-inept wisdom comes from firsthand experience running a software business. While having a technical background can be beneficial, Weinblatt writes, it’s not a prerequisite. Here are some tips for entrepreneurs without a coding background:

  • Subscribe to the practice of under-promising and over-delivering to your employees. Employee motivation levels within a startup environment can often be traced back to a founder’s commitments. When you promise to reach a milestone, make sure you do.
  • Allow your developers to share in the business’s victories. When sales and marketing are performing revenue wizardry with your products, spread the good news to your technical team.

For more on why you don’t need to write code to run a software company, read the full article by Weinblatt.

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