Wow them with Your Elevator Pitch

by VentureBeat

An elevator always tends to draw a crowd.

And depending on who is in that elevator, it might be time for you to break out your pitch. The platform an elevator provides is truly unmatched. Where else can you potentially get an investor face to face with you and have them be unable to walk out on you (caveat: they may get off early if you’re pitch is horrid)? And so the stage is set.

The most important aspect to any elevator pitch is its ability to grab the listener’s attention. After the acquisition phase, you need to deliver your elevator pitch in an easily digestible form. Do not inundate the listener with frivolous information. Stick to the basics; your company strategy, what purposes you serve and why they care. This isn’t the time to talk to them about your social media campaign starring “Peaches the Singing Cat.”

If you can manage to stay inside the lines with your elevator pitch, you may arrive at your target. For more on elevator pitches, read the full article by Eric Tsai.