Workaholics Are Killing Your Company: Keys to Healthier, More Profitable Employees


It may seem terrific at first to have your employees running full speed 24/7. That kind of effort is far from sustainable, however, and it won’t be long before workaholics are actually running productivity into the ground.

“Over 150 years of research proves that long hours kills profits, productivity, and employees,” writes Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, in this guest post for TLNT. “For every extra hour worked, there is a direct cost to your employees. By working more hours in a day, many employees make trade-offs without considering their long-term effects. It is all too common for a workaholic’s priority list to quickly become disheveled as their work-related items drive the disappearance of previously meaningful tasks.”

The key to applying the breaks and bringing workaholics back to sustainable work practices? As with many workplace solutions, Tolan suggests, it’s a team effort. With joint commitments with members of a team to solidify time off, workaholics have been shown to communicate more and hold each other accountable for working past 40 hours.