Women in Tech Surging, Ready to Compete for Investment

by Fortune

A decade ago, few tech startups featured women at the helm. Now, with Marissa Mayer CEO at Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg COO at Facebook leading the charge, women in tech are fast becoming the new leaders of entrepreneurship. Now it’s time for women-led companies to compete for venture capital.

Jack Hidary and Cindy Padnos in CNN Money report that the U.S. is seeing “more and more tech startups co-founded or run by women.” And while that’s a step in the right direction, women in tech make up less than 10% of venture-backed company founders.

To speed the transition to a more equitable dispersion of venture capital among female- and male-led businesses, Hidary and Padnos recommend six steps to spotlight successes, recruit the right women, dispel outdated myths, and leverage formal networks. This progress helps the tech industry, and the economy, as all of us benefit “from the jobs they create and the products and services they bring to market.”