Women in Tech Need to Get Serious About Investment

by TechCrunch

Stories about the lack of women in tech aren’t hard to find. But what about the lack of action from female investors?

Dave McClure, a founding partner of seed fund 500 Startups, writes in his guest post for TechCrunch that — sexist accusations be damned — women in tech need to stop complaining and start making it happen themselves. McClure challenges all women in tech who make more than $125,000 a year to “STOP talking about what’s not working and start TAKING ACTION to create solutions.” In short, he says, it’s time to “open up your checkbook, and write a check for your favorite startup.”

What’s more, McClure even makes a rallying cry to women in tech, challenging them to make 3 investments of $5,000 to startups in the next 12 months and join his Angellist. McClure argues that the problem isn’t so much that there aren’t enough women with money investing or women founders with good visions, but that there just aren’t enough people with “the gumption to get started.”