How to Win Prospect Trust in One Meeting

by VentureBeat

Every salesperson knows that without trust, there’s no sale. But is trust something that has to be built over time, or can you earn it right away in just one meeting?

As the staff at VentureBeat argue in a post sponsored by Citrix GoToMeeting, it’s actually possible to win a prospect’s trust in your initial interaction, and doing so can save both sides of the table the time and trouble of multiple meetings.  The secret lies in five simple yet effective tactics including going in prepared, being confident and assertive while also conveying flexibility, preempting complaints, and, above all, being honest.

“Next time you head into a conference room with a prospective client, don’t worry quite so much about hitting all the marks — especially if you’ve done your homework and put together a good presentation. Instead, focus on inspiring confidence. When you sell them on you, you sell them on your product.” Read the full post for more on how to win a prospect’s trust right off the bat, so you can stop convincing and start impressing.

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