Win Friends and Influence Customers: The Key to Great Content Marketing Is to Stop Making It About You

by Fast Company

No one likes talking with someone who only talks about themselves. The key to engaging with customers is to center the discussion around them.

“Most companies suck at good conversation,” writes Shane Snow, founder of Contently, in a guest post for Fast Company. “They’re used to blasting out one-way messages about how great they are. Their product. Themselves…Today’s consumers don’t have to put up with that. Unfollow. Friend request denied.”

Snow uses the successful examples of Birchbox — a beauty sample service that has grown to more than 100,000 subscribers thanks to its site built around articles, videos, and blogs about grooming and makeup, but not about Birchbox, itself – and American Express’s small business news site,  “The secret to using free content as a business driver is to be the host of the conversation your audience cares about, not the subject of it. Great content transforms advertisers from interruption to destination.” For more on the secret to great content marketing is talking about your customers, not yourself, read Snow’s full article here.

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