Why You Need to Become a Thought Leader

by Inc.

In a post for Inc., Marla Tabaka delves into what it takes to be a true business thought leader in the Internet age. Tabaka points out that due to the emergence of social media “anyone’s voice can be heard and weighed on its merits,” therefore, she says, anyone is able to become a thought leader.

Simply put, she says, “The internet allows ordinary people with extraordinary ideas to lead and make a difference.”

Tabaka lists off several examples of thought leaders, including Seth Godin and Mari Smith before exploring what exact qualities thought leaders posses. She asks:

  • Are you someone who is willing to step into the spotlight and voice their points of view, innovative ideas, and potentially controversial opinions?
  • Do you drive conversation and pepper the Internet and other outlets with his insights, ideas, and expertise?
  • Can you share your vision in such a way that others become excited and involved?

Tabaka continues, sharing several tips and suggestions to becoming a thought leader.

  • Begin by becoming a true expert in your arena.
  • Do your research, and then do more research.
  • Learn to speak about your ideas with passion; become a storyteller.

For a full run down on thought leadership as well as more examples and tips, read her full post here.