Why the Best Leadership Decision Making Involves Very Few Decisions

by Xconomy

Enabling your employees to take ownership of important decision is one of the most powerful parts of leadership decision making.

leadership decision making

Just because you’re the one sitting in the corner office doesn’t mean you should be the one with final say on each and every decision.

In fact, it probably means you’re not qualified to make most of the decisions your company faces day in and day out. Which is why Dennis Bakke, co-founder of Imagine Schools, aims to make only one big decision per year.

In a post at Xconomy, Bakke explains why that approach to leadership decision making empowers and enlivens employees.

By avoiding top down decision making you allow your employees to become more fully engaged with their work and the direction of the business. It also cuts down on lengthy decision processes and, in all likelihood, puts the power into the hands of those with the most knowledge on the subject.

Bakke says that it’s not always easy, but one of the most important things a leader can do is learn to properly delegate decision making responsibilities.

  • Jay Oza

    This makes lot of sense but I am sure not that easy since when people have power they feel that they feel like they have to make most of the decisions.