Why Sales and Marketing Alignment Is Key for B2B Companies

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Today’s prospects expect a smooth transition through each stage of the buying process. For B2B companies that means establishing sales and marketing alignment.

Prospects are becoming increasingly self-educating, says Stephanie Tilton, principal of Ten Ton Marketing. They discover much of their information about a company online and when it finally comes time for them to speak with a sales rep they want a seamless experience. Sales and marketing messaging therefore needs to be on the same page. They don’t want there to be a disconnect, and if they find that there is, that’s a red flag.

Companies also have to remember that B2B buyers are individuals who interact with major brands in their personal lives, Tilton advises, and so they know what kinds of buyer experiences are possible. They’re holding B2B companies to the same standard. Sales and marketing alignment is critical to delivering that type of experience.


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