Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) Frameworks Are the Key to Better SaaS Products

by GigaOm

Anyone not developing software as a service (SaaS) applications atop a platform as a service (PaaS) framework is producing an inferior product. Period.

That’s the argument that Keas co-founder and former Google VP of product management Adam Bosworth made at the 5th annual GigaOm Structure Conference. According to GigaOm’s Derrick Harris, “Bosworth laid out the case for PaaS pretty clearly: It’s cheaper, it’s easier and Keas has a better product because of it.” While Bosworth said “his decision to build Keas on cloud application platform Heroku‘s PaaS offering saved the company hundreds of thousands in operational costs per year…the biggest benefit might be a better product because the company is able to focus on building the app rather than managing servers,” Harris writes.

PaaS also allows companies to keep development teams small. “[Bosworth] subscribes to the theory that a smaller creative team will always be more productive than a larger team,” Harris writes, “but managing infrastructure naturally results in a larger team.” With infrastructure taken care of, development teams are able to work more effectively and focus on value add rather than the plumbing.