Why Job Descriptions Should be Outlawed


Job descriptions can be really counterproductive.

When they’re used in the working world, they aren’t attracting the best customers. Why is this the case? First, a job description defines the average candidate, not the best performer. Diversity candidates have backgrounds that are often dissimilar from the requirements and end up being excluded from a search. Here are some more points against job descriptions:

  • A job description doesn’t actually describe the job – they define a person (not the best person, either) that is capable of performing in this role.
  • Job descriptions are usually very boring.
  • A job description is rarely used for internal promotions, and as such, should not be used for external hires.
  • Job descriptions are arbitrarily created without much, if any, scientific basis.

Essentially, the case for job descriptions is shoddy, while the case against them is sound.