Why is API Management Important for Tech Companies?


Companies that recognize the benefits of utilizing API development to extend their reach typically understand the advantages and risks involved.

Beyond the basics, the question of API management quickly arises. What should the rules governing your API endeavors be like and how constricting should they be? Oren Michels, CEO and co-founder of Mashery, explains that the rules you create will correlate directly with ability to manage your API projects.

The main benefit of API management is the potential for measurement, he explains. Like any other project a company invests in, there needs to be a purpose behind it. An API investment should make sense from a business standpoint. Confirming whether or not you have a worthwhile investment on your hands is impossible without the capacity for measurement, says Michels. To achieve this, you’ll need the ability to manage it all.

For more on API management, watch the video from OpenView Labs.