Why Inbound and Outbound Marketing Work Better Together

by Marketing Interactions

While inbound marketing may be the younger of the two marketing strategies, the stalwart, outbound marketing, isn’t fading away any time soon.

Yet some marketers are quick to dismiss outbound marketing as a dated tactic, writes marketing strategist Ardath Albee. Yet even the pioneer of inbound marketing — HubSpot — utilizes outbound marketing. And that bodes well for its value going forward.

Albee believes that the major difference between inbound and outbound marketing is is the idea of attraction versus being proactive; pushing versus pulling. And both options have indispensable benefits to marketers. Social media, for example, can be used for both inbound and outbound purposes, depending on your specific activities.

With all of this considered, Albee argues that outbound marketing is actually necessary to reach inbound marketing’s full potential. For more on the link between the two, read the full article by Albee.