Writing Skills = Better Employee

vickilynn by HR Capitalist

Difficult Hiring Choice? Pick the Best Writer.

If you have a few, super worthy job candidates, you should narrow the field by choosing the best writer.

That is the opinion of Kris Dunn, VP of People, at the software company DAXKO. In a recent HR Capitalist blog, Dunn suggests that hiring the best

writer makes perfect sense because:

  • If someone is a good writer, they are also usually a good speaker.
  • E-mail is an everyday requirement, making great writers an everyday asset.
  • Improper context in emails can make readers angry and blur your intended message.
  • Writing skills are a powerful influence tool.

When you are assessing writing skills, Dunn says, “I’m not talking about someone who can write term papers, because let’s face it, no one reads those. I’m talking about the ability to write down some thoughts in an engaging, personable, influencing manner.”

One way to  assess a candidate’s writing skills, is to send the candidate an email with a question that requires a detailed answer of at least three of four paragraphs. Make sure the question asks for some opinion. Dunn presents an example question in the full blog post. By testing each candidates writing ability, you will make a better hiring decision.