Don’t Be a Robot: Why Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Don’t Work

by Marketing Interactions

Let’s come to an agreement: Pressing send is not the same thing as nurturing a lead.

Far too many tech companies suffer from a misunderstanding of what lead nurturing is all about, argues Ardath Albee. “[It’s] not about sending out emails on a regular schedule just because you can. Or just because you think that constant communication (regardless of relevance) will help you sell something. It won’t,” she writes in a post for her Marketing Interactions blog. “It’s about positioning your company as an expert that can bring more value to the project than the product would alone.”

According to Albee, a few of the problems with robotic email campaigns are that they irritate your prospects, they don’t build your credibility, and they are instantly forgettable. What should marketers be doing instead? Albee argues that lead nurturing should instead be approach as “the unfolding of a story that helps the buyer understand why they need to solve a problem, options for solving it, why they should change and why they should choose you to do so. It’s never about buying a product. At least not overtly.”

For more on why you should ditch your automated email marketing campaigns for a lead nurturing approach that adds value, read Albee’s full post here.

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