Who Needs Daily Deals Sites? These 11 Creative Sales Tips Provide Alternatives

by Inc.

You don’t need to rely on daily deals and coupons to boost sales.

The Young Entrepreneur Council recently asked 11 successful business wunderkids to brainstorm creative ways small businesses can engage with their customers and increase their sales without resorting to daily deals sites. You can find the full list of their answers — ranging from joint-venture marketing suggestions to customer referral program ideas — posted at Inc. Content marketing plays a big role in the majority of the entrepreneurs’ solutions. Bhavin Parikh of Magoosh advises companies to provide their customers with useful information in the form of an eBook, while Lucas Sommer of Audimated recommends answering questions in forums and on LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Leis of Sweat EquiTees reminds you that sometimes the best marketers are your customers, themselves. “People are tired of hearing about your business, but they do care about themselves,” he says. “Give them a place to tell their story and they will share it with their networks.” For more creative ways to boost sales without dancing the daily deals tango, read the full post here.

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