Which Blogging Platform is Superior?

by Fast Company

Not every blogging platform is going to be a snug fit for every company.

There is one platform, however, that seems to have separated itself from the pack. It’s done so by offering the most to users, business or casual. WordPress, as a blogging platform, trumps most of the competition by simply having more to offer in the world of content management systems. It has an immense features list built into it. For those that are looking for more outside of the default options, a plug-in is likely available for any need one might have.

As far as ease of use, it has a competitive advantage in this case, too. As far as technical experience, if a user is able to use Microsoft Word, they’ll likely have the competence to use WordPress.

Many people have already bought into the WordPress offering. There are other platforms, of course, but this one may just be the best one out there. For more on this topic, read Rich Brooks’ article.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for this brief overview.  I have a lot of content (www.danielleadams.com) and wondered if I should take down most of this site and post each article into a blog.  That way it will always be fresh and more likely to be scanned by Google.  This will keep the content at the top of the search engines listings.  Your thoughts….