What’s Your Reply to ‘Your Price Is Too High?’

by Mind Mulch



In a post for Mind Mulch, Don Perkins offers up a few translations for the often heard phrase ‘your price is too high.’

“Stop thinking about what you’re going to say next and think about why I am saying it,” he writes.

This Is a Good Deal, But I Feel Obligated To Get You To lower Your Price Anyway

Perkins says many B2B prices are bloated and many B2B sales reps are desperate for business and when pressured, will sacrifice their margins in order to win the business.

“I am simply trying to make sure I have the absolute lowest price you are going to offer to my company,” he writes.

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What should you do?

Perkins suggests offering up a deal that gives less service/product for less money.

I Haven’t Understood The Value Yet.

It may be the case, he says, that the customer hasn’t built a strong enough connection between what you’ve said and what’s in their value system.

What should you do?

“Find out more about what I consider valuable,” he writes. “Think about what I do everyday and what would be a top priority for me.”

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No Really. Your Price Is Too High.

There is always the chance that someone out there is offering the same things you are, only at a lower price, he says.

“You will need to find other things I care about more than just saving money on the initial purchase,” he writes. “Either be the innovation leader or the customer service leader.”

Ideally, Perkins says, the best way to deal with “Your price is too high” is by being prepared and preventing it from ever being spoken.

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