What's The Point of LinkedIn Endorsements?

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What's The Point of LinkedIn Endorsements?A couple of months ago I received an email from LinkedIn explaining that someone had “endorsed me” for Recruiting Skills. Interested in finding out what this meant, I checked my profile and realized I had been endorsed by someone I had never actually spoken with, albeit we were connected on LinkedIn.

This leads me to question the credibility of endorsements on LinkedIn, and why they have been implemented.

Is There Any Real Value to LinkedIn Endorsements?

I understand that most likely LinkedIn wants their users to interact more often with each other, however I’m not quite sure this feature is adding any value to the platform as a professional networking site.

As a recruiter, I am likely on LinkedIn 100% more often than the average person. I’m logged on during my entire work day. I tend to notice any changes and activity with LinkedIn and quickly assess whether it will improve my experience using the site or not.

One particular aspect of LinkedIn that I highly regard and respect are the recommendations. If someone has taken the time, energy, and thought into writing a recommendation on LinkedIn, they must truly commend the person they wrote about. I value recommendations, and I’ll generally view candidates with exceptional recommendations as ahead of the pack.

What I dislike about the new endorsements feature on LinkedIn is that it seems to be taking away from people writing recommendations.

Rather than writing a thoughtful piece, a person can instead easily click on a skill and “endorse” someone. It should not be that easy to truly endorse someone for their skills and knowledge. It takes about two seconds, and there is zero factor of credibility behind endorsing someone.

I have also noticed connections on LinkedIn will endorse me for a particular skill, only to request me to endorse them back.

In no way, shape, or form does LinkedIn regulate the way people are endorsing each other. I could VERY easily list a skill such as “neuroscience” and ask a few friends (or strangers!) to endorse me for it. Before you know it, I’m a surgeon slash recruiter extraordinaire (sounds like grounds for a reality TV show!)

I very much like using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool and I would hate to see the credibility of the site decrease.

Overall, I would like to see LinkedIn get rid of this fluff-filled feature. If they keep it, I highly encourage individuals to endorse people for skills they genuinely know those people are able to perform.

What do you think? Do you like the endorsements feature on LinkedIn or do you think it’s a waste?